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Goditi in questo video i pregi della X-Cover: la sua ampiezza, la praticità di apertura, e la possibilità di trasporto di attrezzatura sprotiva.

X-COVER: is unique!

The iKAMPER X-COVER Dachzelt has characteristics that distinguish it from all other.

1. Light: weights 55 kg.

2. It does not have the classic PVC cover to be removed at the time of use. Those who know the classic softshell RTTs are aware of what difficulty they entail having to get on the vehicle to remove them and finally put the protective cover back on. Ikamper has removed this issue.

3 Additional bars: in the upper part of the tent you find two bars for transporting sports equipment, without taking up additional space in the car.

4. Spacious and welcoming: there is ample space both in width and in height.

5. Large windows on all sides and two Skyview at the top to admire the sky.

6. The aluminum honeycomb floor allows greater insulation, thanks to the presence of air inside.

Patented and award-winning design.

The X-Cover's design eliminates the bulky PVC cover of traditional roof top tents and saves time: be ready to camp in 3 minutes. It won Overland Journal's coveted Editor's Choice Award, and was also a finalist in Outdoor Retailer's Innovation Awards. In 2019, the X-Cover won the Red Dot Design Award. Spend less time installing and packing up, more time outdoors with friends and family.

Comfort for 3/4.
Carry your Equipment.
Admire the Night Sky.
Sleep very well!

The Mattress is height 6.5 cm.
The additional bars helps you
to carry equipment and save space.
With the Skyview admire the stars.




The X-Cover has a 2.5" (6.5cm) high-density memory foam mattress.

Cross Bars

Mount your favorite equipment, and save space in your vehicle. Compatible with all after-market cross bar accessories. Load rating: 65lbs/30kg

  • Roof Top Tent X-COVER conbarre supplementari per portare la tua attrezzatura sportiva

    Innovative and Unique Design

Skyview +
Large Windows

The X-Cover's double Skyview windows offer extra light by day, and a view of the stars at night.

Durable Honeycomb Aluminum Flooring

>The X-Cover's floor is made of high-performance honeycomb aluminium panels that are lightweight and strong enough to hold a 1.8-ton Jeep Wrangler! The flat, insulated aluminium panels will give you a much more comfortable night's rest than the rocky, cold ground.

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300GSM Poly-Cotton Canvas.

The Skycamp Mini tent is made of breathable, water-resistant poly-cotton canvas. To really keep you dry, it also comes with waterproof zippers and a rain fly for extra protection. The problem with most tents is that the thin polyester has a vinyl coating, making it less breathable and increasing condensation. The Skycamp's thicker, heavier canvas will keep you dry, and it's also quieter in the wind.




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